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When it comes to buying or selling precious metals the only place to go is Gaithersburg Coin Exchange. With 45 years of experience with coin collections, bullion investments and antiques, we have the expertise necessary to get you top dollar for your items. Whether you are looking to sell your old coins or your old jewelry we can appraise and assess your items and have an estimate for you at any time. Walk ins are welcome and no appointment is necessary.

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  • Old Jewelry
  • Coin Collections and Currency Collections
  • 90% Silver Coinage
  • World Coins and Currency
  • Sterling Silverware and Tea Sets
  • Gold and Silver Products

Not selling? We have extensive contacts within the Precious Metals community allowing us to offer bullion at wholesale prices with low low premiums. Whether you need 1 or 1000 ounces of gold or silver we can handle it. With low premiums and an excellent selection of investment products our showroom is the best place to prepare for your future.

What we Sell
  • Gold and Silver Bars & Investment Products
  • 90% Silver Coinage Bags
  • Rare Coins and Currency
  • Ancient and World Coins

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$10 First National Bank of Binghamton New York 1929 Charter 202 VF $10 First & Second National Bank & Trust Co of Oswego 1929 Type 2 AU/UNC Charter 255 $10 National Park Bank of New York Charter 891 3rd Charter Fine $10 American Exchange National Bank of New York City 3rd Charter #1394 Plain Back VF
This is a $10 First National Bank of Binghamton New York in Very Fine
condition. It is a series 1929 Type 1 note. Charter Number 202 and Note
number B003009A
This is a $10 First and Second National Bank & Trust Company of
Oswego note series of 1929. It is a Small Size Type 2 note in About
Uncirculated to Uncirculated condition.
This is a $10 National Park Bank of New York in Fine condition. This is a
3rd charter note, Charter number 891 with a plain back. Note numbers
are X587525/767520.
This is a $10 American Exchange National Bank of New York City note in
Very fine condition. It is a plain back note, 3rd charter, Charter
number 1394. Note Numbers are U71177E/499759.